Our Company

POSTech is an e-solutions company with a vision to convert all manual paper based lottery transactions to an electronic platform in Nigeria by providing a platform that accepts multiple games and devices employing the most secure mechanism in web, mobile and POS technology infrastructure. This e-solution/e-monitoring platform is also designed to maximise the potential of existing and new Technology in web, mobile and POS infrastructre.

Our Services

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Consulting & Outsourcing

Consulting and Outsourcing’ is a strategic option for companies that do not want the expense of recruiting, training and retaining in-house IT

POS (Ingenico I8550 and XGD G70)

PosTech currently have in excess of 15,000 I8550 Ingenico EMV compliant terminals. We currently Manage over 2,000 units active at various locations.

Connectivity Management

Delivering the flexibility to send transaction data from our POS terminal over the four major telecoms network (MTN, Airtel, Glo and Etisalat),

Monitoring and terminal management

The group-wide management system, IngEstate™, is a powerful and flexible solution for terminal estate management which allows users to control

Repair Capability

Full technology transfer on POS fault diagnosis and fault repairs has been done. A team of 6 engineers were trained and a full functional repair centre

Customer care and Issue resolution

We have a 10 seat customer service centre for the effective and efficient assistance to merchants. The centre is equipped with dedicated phone lines

Our Team

At POSTech we believe that small teams of great people work much better than large teams of mediocre people, and that talent is more important than experience. We always strive to have strong project leaders that support the team, and to make sure that strict yet practical rules are followed to improve teamwork.

Our Partners

At POSTech, we believe that developing strategic partnerships and strong allies will magnify and strengthen our business opportunities and help both parties grow faster, therefore, creating a competitive advantage in today’s business environment through knowledge, experience and integrity
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