Consulting & Outsourcing

Consulting and Outsourcing’ is a strategic option for companies that do not want the expense of recruiting, training and retaining in-house IT specialists. POSTech is a leading provider of high-endsoftware outsourcing services, specializing in enterprise application development, system integrationand business automation tools. POSTech identifies qualified candidates whose skills match thespecific disciplines you require.

POSTech Consulting team consists of Senior Consultants, Subject Matter Experts, and ProjectManagers with deep domain experience. Our clients have benefited from POSTech Consultingteam’s expertise in business and technical capability assessments, architecting and implementation. Wehave a long and successful track record in offering clients, throughout the region, a full range ofmanagement and IT consulting. We help organizations bridge the gap between business and technology,by working closely with top management to address business needs and manage the most criticalinitiatives.

POSTech‘s Consulting services include:

  • Telco Domain Experts
  • Microsoft .Net Technologies
  • Microsoft Servers (Such as BizTalk, SQL Server)
  • Solution Architecture
  • Enterprise Project Management

POSTech’s combination of products, solutions, and services help companies simplify complexcommunications scenarios and integrate with backend technologies from other vendors, enablingcustomers to unlock value and potential from within their network and capitalize on their existinginvestment. By embedding these solutions into the business processes of an enterprise, POSTechhelps improve the way organizations work − making people more productive, processes more intelligentand customers more satisfied.

During this long experience, POSTech has integrated with most of the backend systems:

  • ComptelEventLink / InstantLink
  • IBM WebSphere
  • Oracle Financials
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • And others…

POS (Ingenico I8550 and XGD G70)

PosTech currently have in excess of 15,000 I8550 Ingenico EMV compliant terminals. We currently Manage over 2,000 units active at various locations.

Our POS terminal is built to optimise cost and performance in both indoor and outdoor environments. It incorporates the most advanced technology of its kind for long-range wireless transaction acceptance. With a color touch screen, easy-load thermal printer, intelligent charge lithium ion battery, chip and pin card reader, signature capture, bar code scanning, text messaging and outstanding security, the Ingenico 8550 meet transaction requirements today and into the future. Ingenico’s UNICAPT 32 open architecture is used to provide a truly secure multi-application platform that reducing certification time and cost, while lowering the overall cost of ownership through the utilization of common software components that reduce support costs. The i8550’s GSM/GPRS communications provides wireless mobile transaction authorization with cell phone interoperability. The Ingenico 8550 has been designed toanticipate the most demanding needs of merchants, whether in a single lane, multi-lane or mobile situation. It incorporates GSM and GPRS communications options, alongside secure signature capture capability. The Ingenico 8550 is designed to withstand multiple drops to concrete from a height of 5ft. without damage. The keypad and display have environmental seals to protect from both dust and moisture (IP54), thus ensuring longevity in adverse working conditions. The integrated High Security Core (HSC) has been developed based on years of experience gained by the world leader in POS security, Ingenico. It offers different levels of security, meeting the most demanding requirements of payment transactions (PCI PED and PA DSS standards). It has a 32-bit processor to support powerful encryption (RSA, DES, 3DES…), thus ensuring confidential data is secure. Multi-application security is provided by UNICAPT technology permitting several applications to run independently on the same device. Applications include:

  • Payment Solution(s)
  • Airtime Vending
  • Utility bill payment
  • Funds Transfer
  • Lottery product: Online, mobile, scratch-cards etc
  • Loyalty program
  • Pensioner verification via finger print

Ingenico terminals are leaders worldwide in the card acceptance device industry

Connectivity Management

Delivering the flexibility to send transaction data from our POS terminal over the four major telecoms network (MTN, Airtel, Glo and Etisalat), our POS minimizes telephony costs and delivers always-on connectivity across mobile operators GPRS channel, it delivers full service visibility- uptime in world standard of 99.99%

Monitoring and terminal management

The group-wide management system, IngEstate™, is a powerful and flexible solution for terminal estate management which allows users to control large and small estates effectively and offer new services to merchants. The Terminal Estate Management Solutions deliver powerful estate-wide remote terminal and software management, across any geography via GPRS. From end-to-end security management to undertaking remote software updates, Terminal Estate Management Solutions removes the cost and complexity associated with managing an in-store download platform. Centralized estate management eliminates the constraints of local administration and maintenance, while minimizing the risk of a single point of failure. Rapid campaign implementation, along with all inclusive terminal asset management, becomes simplicity itself. Complete visibility of the POS fleet is achieved.

Key features include:

  • Automated Estate Management – Download campaigns are easy to set up and are carried out effectively with minimal manual intervention. IngEstate’s call scheduling facility instructs terminals to contact the server at pre-defined intervals to ease estate upgrades. The load balancing feature maximises server capacity and ensures that servers can handle the volume of scheduled calls
  • Real Time Software Repairs – Live connections can be established with terminals in the field to repair software related issues.
  • IngeTrust™, secures all communications, downloads and uploads between the server and the terminal. This is achieved via mutual authentication whereby the terminal authenticates the server as a reliable, secure server before it connects. Similarly, the server ensures that the terminal is a trusted terminal before uploading data or changing any configuration details. The secure channel that is created following mutual authentication means that anything that passes between the server and the terminal is safe from attack.
  • Remote Maintenance: IngEstate makes it possible to connect live to a terminal in the field and display information relating to its hardware, applications and configuration data. This functionality is invaluable for the Helpdesk and Technical Support function as it provides unparalleled troubleshooting capabilities if problems arise in the field. This powerful tool for diagnosis means that unusual problems can be identified and solved as soon as they appear in the field. Remote resolution means decreased terminal downtime and increased merchant satisfaction.
  • Analyse Estate Information: IngEstate provides a complete report framework with default reports and a report generator. From high level graphs to detailed tables, IngEstate allows you to see your data the way you want to

 Repair Capability

Full technology transfer on POS fault diagnosis and fault repairs has been done. A team of 6 engineers were trained and a full functional repair centre established and equipped with all required tools and parts. These ensure faults that cannot be resolved remotely can be fixed within 48hours of the terminal getting to the repair centre. Ongoing support and training from POS manufacturers keeps the team and repair centre as a whole abreast of advancement in the POS industry.

Customer care and Issue resolution

We have a 10 seat customer service centre for the effective and efficient assistance to merchants. The centre is equipped with dedicated phone lines and software that give a 360 view of the merchant. This also includes the name and phone number of the field support staff closest to the merchant at that time. Issue not resolved within the stipulated time frame is escalated by mail to a more superior office with the organisation as well as customer assurance unit